While enjoying chill ice cream or hot coffee, if you feel pain or sensitivity, your regular coffee and favorite ice cream become loathing. You may feel sensitivity during brushing or flossing. How dental sensitivity occurs? The crown of our teeth is covered by a protective outer layer called enamel, which…

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Chocolates! Wow. Yummy!!!  We all familiar with chocolates, Diary milk, Perk, Munch…!!!  By hearing those names, we will get salivary flow increased in our oral cavity. But is it healthy for our teeth? The answer is of course “No”. So let us discuss a different term “Dark Chocolates”. What are…

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Dental pain is the most common symptom of dental caries, trauma, periodontitis, infection, etc. Each tooth has the most vital tissue called the pulp. The Pulp consists of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. When pulp is violated by infection or trauma, the person may feel pain. The pain will…

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