Patients under orthodontic treatment face difficulty in cleaning their teeth. Negligence leads to plaque formation, which is the cause of Gum disease, white spot lesions, and cavities. Twice a day brushing is not enough for braces wearers. Your dentist may suggest a soft electric toothbrush sometimes. Care should be taken…

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Healthy teeth give you the most attractive smile. Teeth are also important for chewing and speaking. Every tooth in the oral cavity has a unique function. Missing one is very unfortunate. Teeth loss can be due to trauma, periodontitis (gum disease), genetic condition, a decayed tooth, etc. If the particular…

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Smoking and oral health cover

Smoking is considered as a major risk factor for lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, and poor oral health. Effect of smoking in the oral cavity: Black or brown stained teeth White patches inside the mouth Early tooth loss Gum disease Severe bone loss within the jaw Bad breath Failure…

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