Dental implant device cost differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the type of device depends on the bone condition and the health of the nearby tooth of the implant to be placed. There are many illusions airing about the cost of dental implants among people. But the real cost of…

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bell's palsy cover

A year back, village lady Kanagam(38) visited our centre with a misshaped face complaining that she had felt something uncommon on her face from the morning, the moment she had woke up from her bed. ‘I looked in the mirror and I was shocked to see my endangered face’ she…

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You can protect your kid from getting tooth decay by beginning his dental consideration early. Pursue these means to prevent depressions and keep his delightful grin solid. 1. Get a check-up every 6 months: Your kids should see a dental specialist by his first birthday. Early preventive consideration sets aside…

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