Mandibular fracture-cover

Facial Trauma: Mandibular Fracture Mandibular fracture is a fracture through the jaw bone, after an accident, a hit from anywhere or fall onto the chin or dramatically due to tumor in the bone. Most appearing cases are male youngsters between the age group of 20-30 and in most cases, the…

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An impacted tooth (wisdom tooth) is a tooth that is restricted or failed to grow for some reasons through the gum.  They are most commonly seen in the third molars at the back of the mouth and have no space to grow normally. Generally, four third molars (wisdom teeth) people…

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How to care your dentures? Now you are equipped with a new denture. Here are some tips on how to get the maximum out of your denture! Please note that the artificial denture is not a fully functional replacement for the natural teeth Difficulty in chewing and speaking, after placing…

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