What is Otoplasty? The surgical treatment for pinna of the ear or outer ear for a congenital deformity or deformity caused after an accident refers Otoplasty. The aim of this cosmetic procedure can be to reshape the irregularity and/or to enhance the appearance of the ear. In this digital era,…

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Regular dental visit @ Jerush Jerush dental and facial corrective centre is equipped with 13 fully automatic dental chairs arranged in a complete germs-free sterile ambiance. Each floor has a specially allocated space for dental chairs that are set to face outwardly to a scenic view of the town and…

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What is Gummy smile? It is the abnormal display of gum tissues above the upper teeth when people smile. The soft gingival tissues display abnormal, giving shortness look to the teeth which affect the overall look of the smile. Optimum gum visibility during a social smile should be 1 to…

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